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7 Safe Bet Stocks for Any Investor – Predictions for 2022: Year of Opportunity or Risk?

Every investor would love to invest their money in a business with a high return on investment. No one wants to put their money in a business that will take ages before seeing some returns and that is the reason one must research to know the best project to carry. Investing in the stock exchange is one of the lucrative businesses in America. However one could wonder whether a stock exchange is the best business idea in 2022 when the economy is facing many challenges.

Despite the economic challenges, the stock exchange is still a good business to invest in in 2022. When there is a recession, the value stocks get cheap, and after the recessions, the value stock will trade back. The inflation also tended to favor inflation-sensitive stocks which live in the value bucked so these stocks are expected to perform better. Technological advancements are other areas that are going to favor stock markets in 2022. With different stock markets, there will always be a good opportunity somewhere.

Factors Affecting the Stock Market

  • Interest rates hikes. The federal government has raised the interest rate to 0.75% which is the largest increase since 1994 and it is expecting to raise the interest even further.
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine. The world is like a small village since no country can boast to stand by itself. This is the reason we are seeing the Russian-Ukraine war affecting the economy of every nation, America included. Navigating volatile markets has become difficult since Russia invaded Ukraine.
  • Potential recessions. American GDP has continually dropped and if this continues, it will affect every business, stock markets included. Experts say, “The market is suspect of the prospects of the earnings and growth.

Despite all the challenges we see in the stock markets, there is still hope for the future in the stock market, and it’s worth investing in. once the market recovers, which is a matter of time, you will make good money in this business. You shouldn’t, therefore, fear buying stocks. However, you should be keen on the value of the stock you will purchase and the stock market you will buy from.

Stock Market Predictions of 7 Stocks

1. Bank of America Corporation (BAC) Stock

The bank of America was founded in 1904 as a bank of Italy to serve the middle-class people, and in 1930 a new branch was launched. The bank of America is amongst the largest banks in the United States with $2.3 trillion in assets. It is second to JPM. BAC has been performing well until 2018 when its bank stock drastically dropped. This however was experienced in all bank stocks due to higher interest rates, financial institutions gaping with stronger digital competition and negativity on financial services.

BAC dividend calendar
Divided yield Currency

2021 0.78 1.75 USD
2020 0.72 2.38 USD
2019 0.66 1.87 USD
2018 0.54 2.19 USSD
2017 0.39 1.32 USD
2016 0.25 1.13 USD
2015 0.20 1.19 USD

Pros of Investing in the BAC Stock Market

  • High interest income surges
  • Good dividend yield of 2.53 % with a low 22 % payout ration
  • It’s cheap, with a price-to-earnings of about 10 and a price-to-book of 1

Cons of Investing in the BAC Market

  • There is an increase in provisions of credit losses
  • High nonperforming loans

2. Philip Morris International INC. (PM) Stock

Philip Morris international deals with the manufacturing and supplying of cigarettes and tobacco products outside the United States, and it’s one of the world’s leading international tobacco companies. Its shares can’t be undervalued or overvalued, which brings uncertainty to its future business and can be classified as a hold stock.

Philip Morris international stock data as of 08/22/2022

P/E Ratio (TTM) 16.88
EPS (TTM) $5.82
Market cap $155.22 B
Shares outstanding 1.55 B
Public Float 1.55 B
Yield 5.09 %

Pros of Investing in Philip Morris International Stock Market

  • Despite the challenges facing other stock markets, Philip Morris international seems to be doing better with a stock of up to 2 % over the period.
  • Its business is habit-forming; hence people will continue taking the products whether there is a recession or not, which shows that it’s recession-resistant.
  • It’s an international market and not within the United States so the move for the government of the United States to ban nicotine products doesn’t affect the company.
  • Its shares are cheaper and have a high divided.

Cons of Philip Morris stock market

  • Philip Morris business faces a lot of regulatory threats

3. Ally Financial Inc. (ALLY) Stock

Ally stock ally financial Inc. stock is a bank holding company and its headquarters are in Detroit, Michigan. Its current price per share is around $33.43.

2022 Income statement of ally stock

Revenue $2,762 M
Net income $482 m
Profit margin 17.45 %

Cash flow

Operating $1,867m
Investing $-3,750 m
Financing $-1,977m

Pros of Ally Stock Ally Financial Inc. (ALLY) Stock

  • It offers low trading fees as well as nontrading fees
  • Opening an ally stock account is simple
  • They offer very good educative tools.
  • No account minimum
  • Strong web-based platform

Cons of Ally stock Ally Financial Inc. (ALLY) Stock

  • You can’t trade outside the United States markets
  • There is no proper 2-step authentication process; hence risky
  • Forex trading is on a separate account.

4. Maxar Technologies Inc. (Maxr) stock

It’s a space technology company that deals with manufacturing communication, radar, earth observation and on-orbit satellites, satellite products, etc. Its segments are earth intelligence and space infrastructure.

An overview of the maxr stock performance in 2022

Share out (mil) 74.19 market cap 1895.68
Forward P/E 47.35 dividend yield 0.16
Previous close 25.55 open 25.00
Volume 153 787.00 3-month average trading volume 12.01

Sell hold buy

P/E Excl. extra items (TTM) 16.50
Price To Sales (TTM) 1.06
Price To Book (Quarterly) 1.27
Price To Cash Flow (per share TTM) 4.66
Total Debt/Total Equity (Quarterly) 141.72
Long Term Debt/Equity (Quarterly) 139.76
Return On Investment (TTM) 3.21
Return On Equity (TTM) 2.77

Pros of Maxar Technologies Inc. (Maxr) stock

  • Its shares have increased to 236.5% in the past years against an 11.1% decline.
  • The stock currently stands at buy (Zacks Rank #3 with a VGM score of B

Cons of Maxr Stock Maxar Technologies Inc.

  • The space is still a young industry whose future isn’t known; hence a risky sector to invest in.

5. Ceragon Network Ltd. (CRNT) Stock

It deals with designing, developing, manufacturing and selling point-to-point wireless network solutions. It has recently received a rating of buy with no sell or hold.
Financial analysis of Crnt stock Ceragon Network Ltd. (CRNT) Stock in 2022

Revenue $70.67M +3.0%
Gross profit $21.41M -2.2%
Gross margin 30.3% -5.0%
Market Cap $215.88M -31.3%
Net Income $1.52m -11.1%
EBITDA $2.52M -26.9%

How to buy Ceragon Network Ltd. (CRNT) Stock

  • Use the comparison table to find a suitable platform
  • Open a brokerage account
  • Deposit money into your account
  • Research the stock
  • Purchase the stock. You can purchase after opening the account or when the shares reach the price you want.
  • Track your stock to see how you are performing.

Pros of Ceragon Network Ltd. (CRNT) Stock.

  • Communication and network is a growing industry and it’s growing rapidly with high demand for these products; hence it’s a reliable industry to invest in. every day, there is a need for technological advancement, so there is a great future for the industry.


  • The business can be affected by catastrophic events or geopolitical conditions leading to losses.
  • The prices and trading volumes of their ordinary shares are subject to volatility.

6. Altria Group, Inc.

Altria stock Altria Group, Inc. is the parent company of Philip Morris USA, and it controls a big part of the U.S. tobacco market with Marlboro, parliament and other brands.
Financial status

Revenue $5.37B -4.3%%
Gross profit $4.67B -5.4%
Gross margin 86.8% -1.2%
Market Cap $75.63B -14.3%%
Net Income $889.00M -58.6%
EBITDA $4.21B -5.6%

Pros of Altria stock Altria Group, Inc.

  • Has high dividend
  • It has a Zacks Rank #3 rating and a VGM score of A.
  • Its growth is projected to be 5% year-over-year.
  • They have increased the Consensus Estimate from $0 to $4.48.
  • It has shown continuous growth of 7.3% for the past five years.


  • The business faces objections from government bodies
  • The declining number of smokers leads to a decline in the business.

7. Matterport, Inc. (MTTR) Stock

It’s a 3D spatial scanning company that specializes in digitization and datafication of the built world.

Pros of Matterport, Inc. (MTTR) Stock

  • It has a strong buy and sell ranking which shows that the company is still doing well; hence one can invest without fear.

Cons of Matterport, Inc. (MTTR) Stock

  • It’s still unprofitable; its gross margin dropped from 61.2% to 41.4% between 2021 and 2022
  • Its camera business is not stable; there is an issue with supply hence expected to widen its loss margin per share from $0.23 to $0.46-$0.50 in 2022.

Generally, the stock exchange business is a risky adventure but worth the risk. Every stock market has its ups and downs but it’s important to investigate well first to know the market with the highest possibility of making high returns. The general problems facing the stock market are currency fluctuations, a slowdown in dividend growth and the threat of a downturn in the stock market.